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sasan_arfur's Journal

Sasan Arfur
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  • sasan_arfur@livejournal.com
I'm gay, Iranian and Muslim.

Name: Sasan Arfur
LJ: sasan_arfur I used to use wholly_sasan.
Fandom: So NoTorious
Played by: Zachary Quinto
Canon Break: N/A I'm Hesam's cousin. hesamedic
Ability: Keen fashion sense and cunning wit.

I'm an openly gay (but secretly gay to my parents) Iranian-American, and I can be a little judgemental at times (Bitchy). But I mean well if you're a friend. I miss Tori and Hollywood, but New York is really exciting. I've got a degree in business that I'm using now that I'm in the Big Apple to make a living and pay my rent. I've never had a pet because my mother didn't want there to be animals in the house.

I was part of a cult for about two weeks because I wanted to support Tori while she tried to become relevant. And it was great for picking up the really hot gay guys that the cult was trying to "cure" of being Gay, but we all quit when Tori's brain turned back on. I swear that girl bleached too many brain cells when she was doing her hair.

Oh and I've been to Canada. That was interesting. I got to play a dead body in a movie that Tori was staring in, but that didn't work out.

Anyway I'm here now. Working for a living. Hope I don't get into any trouble.

I'm RPing Sasan on rp_shadesofgray